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PRODUCT REVIEW – Aviata Stretta Venum Blanco

PRODUCT REVIEW – Aviata Stretta Venum Blanco


Over the past few weeks here at the Six Yard Box we have been trying to expand our output to you our fellow goalkeeping enthusiasts to cover all things goalkeeping. As part of this expansion I welcome you to this product review of Aviata Goalkeeping’s Stretta Venum Blanco goalkeeper gloves.


Glove Specification


Latex: Contact touch 4mm latex a German all weather latex foam that offers outstanding grip in all weather conditions.


Backhand: The backhand of this keeper glove has been constructed by mounting a German supersoft embossed latex on to a neo-prene pro air material.


Special Features: Surround cut, removeable finger and thumb protection, negative thumb, extended palm


I’ve personally been wearing these gloves for the last 6 weeks or so for a variation of different things. Training, 6 a side football and also 11 a side football to give them a really good test in different kinds of weather, different kinds of footballs and also the amount they are used. For example in training you use them for 50 shots compared to about 5 or 6 in a match. Sometimes less….often more with the team I play for!


I really wanted to give Aviata a go ever since www.great-save.com started stocking these gloves, they are a fairly new brand that are based in the USA and they have come up with some fantastic looking gloves over the past year but with the shipping costs being what they are from America it’s always put me off buying a pair, until now of course with Great Save’s involvement with the brand.


Predominantly I wear negative cut gloves and my own personal taste is for gloves that are mainly white or don’t have too much going on with regard to flash colours or designs, I also prefer latex gussets to any material gussets as I feel the fit on those gloves with latex ones is a more truer fit. The Stretta Venum Blanco ticked the boxes for me, like I’ve mentioned Aviata have a wide range of different cuts, colours and designs to suit most people so if these aren’t for you do still take a look at their range on the great save website. All of their gloves come with removable finger protection; again this isn’t for me as I am not a fan of finger spines generally. I don’t think they do anyone any good in terms of comfort or technique and would strongly advise any goalkeeper that wears them to get rid of them! Unless perhaps you play on astro turf or hard surfaces, however with them being removable it means you can customise the gloves to how you want them. Needless to say the first thing I did was to take them all out and put them back in the bag. It’s a very simple process with these gloves, there is a Velcro tab on the backhand of the gloves and you can take them out and put them in very easily and then securing the tab back up. On some gloves it can be a real pain but on these no problem at all.


I ordered these in my usual size 9 and first of all I have to say the fit is immaculate, perfect for my taste again in being not too tight but not baggy either so I would recommend you order your usual size. Aviata do only sell in full sizes so if you usually wear an 8.5 for example, then go up to a 9, 9.5 up to a 10 and so on. Better being ever so slightly large than too tight I would recommend.


Once I got these gloves out of the packet the materials just instantly felt fantastic, I put the glove on my hand and like I said the fit was excellent, the latex was tacky from the off and the glove just instantly feels like a top of the range glove, very similar to the predator pro from Adidas in that regard so I was impressed with that immensely, I’ve been looking at quite a few of the ‘Alternative Brands’ recently and the reviews are here on the 6YB, but these do feel like an all-round better standard of glove. They are double the price of most of these other brands but I think the quality shows that.


The thumb is a negative cut thumb which compensates the negative cut perfectly and it wraps both over and under giving a very snug fit, every brand has their own style with the thumb on a negative cut but this I have found to be as good as any and better than most to be honest. It is quite rare to find negative cut gloves with extended palms but I feel it works really well on them, on this glove the extended palm makes the glove feel like a long glove and I like that. It makes me feel that there is just a bit of extra catching area when handling the ball and is a nice feature. The one and only downside I have found on extended palms generally is that it affects the wrist closure and getting it tight. Again this is a slight issue here, where the wrist strap goes underneath the extended palm it doesn’t fit quite as securely as gloves without them. What I would say though is the wrist strap being latex really helps and it fits more securely and nicely in my opinion than the Nike Gunn Cut’s Belt Lock strap.


When I get a new pair of gloves I give them all the same ritual treatment, firstly I pre wash them 24hours before I’m going to use them either with a bit of glove wash or often just warm water to get any chemicals out of the palm then after drying them with a towel, I usually just leave them to air overnight. I then use them firstly for both training sessions and a 6 aside league I play in which is on grass. I almost use this league as a ‘Test centre’ for any new gloves that I get. We use good match footballs, I get a nice bit of work out of them and I can see during it whether I’ll be confident and happy enough to take them into full 11 a side games. Training is equally good as you will use them far more in a training session than you would any 11 aside game but only for 2 or 3 training sessions as with any top of the range foam it will start to wear out faster. Get comfortable with your new gloves and then leave them solely for matches. 2 things I wouldn’t recommend here, don’t use your new gloves straight away in an important match situation and also if you are buying a pair of gloves for matches try not to use them on different types of turf i.e. astro or 3G as it will wear your gloves out faster. Try and keep a separate pair for those surfaces.


I used these Aviata’s for 2 of my 6 a side league games and 2 training sessions before I moved them onto my match gloves for 11 a side football, instantly I was impressed by the grip of these gloves, the ‘touch contact’ latex palm is a really good performer in both the dry weather and also the wet weather. Most of my uses were in dry where the performance was outstanding however my final use of these before doing this review was in torrential rain and these gloves held up just fine, I had to keep squeezing the water out which is pretty standard for most gloves and after I did that the performance actually got better if anything. I made a rotten mistake in that game but it had nothing to do with these gloves, more the person wearing them…moving on……


As for durability I would say it’s about standard for a negative cut glove. Negative cut gloves will start to ‘wear’ quicker than the majority of other types of cut gloves especially around the tips of the fingers and around the thumb area I have found having used nearly every type of negative cut from a lot of brands. These are on a par with Precision, Adidas, Uhlsport and any of the other brands that I’ve worn. There is a bit of wear around those areas of mine which I would expect after 7/8 pretty extensive uses however the palms are in fine condition and there is still plenty of life in these gloves yet. If durability is the thing you are craving above anything else then maybe I wouldn’t advise these or any negative cut glove for you, for me durability is important but not as important as all-weather grip, comfort and also value for money. Totally understand that others will have different needs so like I say for example if you play on astro turf every week, durability is probably the number 1 factor.


At £47.99 these gloves are at a high price point especially for a brand that isn’t that well known yet in the UK, I understand this could put some people off who may look at a Reusch glove or Uhlsport glove at a similar price and they will go for the tried and tested option there. What I would say is if you pay that price for these gloves you won’t be disappointed. These are a fantastic match glove that has an excellent latex palm, a removable finger protection system, a simple looking colour way design that is very traditional but also very classy in style. I’ve been delighted with my first pair of Aviata gloves and would strongly recommend their products to any goalkeepers out there after a top class match glove to try this year.


Marks out of 10


Dry Grip 9

Wet Grip 9

Comfort 9 (Without finger spines)

Durability 7

Value for Money 7


A – Professional standard all weather Match Glove

B – Professional standard dry weather Match Glove

C – Professional standard wet weather Match Glove

D – Training Glove

E – Hard ground Glove


Rating  – A


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  1. Great review!Can’t wait to get my own pairs of Aviata reviewed!

  2. I’ve been using these gloves for most of the season and I am very impressed with the way these hold up compared to other gloves. The only downside is the lack of ventilation, which is tough in the Florida pre-season climate. Awesome review!

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