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Reusch Argos Deluxe G2 Ortho Tec – Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch Argos Deluxe G2 Ortho Tec – Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch start 2013 with a brand new glove collection as the German based brand aims for big things, despite a silo name the same as one of the UK’s biggest retailers the new “Argos” range is fresh new and quite a head turner. Reusch now with 2 Premier League goalkeepers here in England are aiming to show the world what they have on offer.

Our team here at The Six Yard Box were excited to see the new collection as the gloves arrived here at 6YB towers today.

Here we are taking a closer look at the top of the range Deluxe G2 Ortho Tec, first impressions were of a more solid feel than the usual top end Deluxe models of years gone by, a new improved backhand with less embossing help with the fit of the glove. Shockshiled Advanced technology helps provide the goalkeeper with more safety and advanced protection, this technology is only used on this model in the Ortho Tec glove series and the take down Pro G2 Ortho Tec at £110 does not!!

As with all Reusch Ortho Tec gloves the Deluxe G2 Ortho Tec comes with removable FINGER AND THUMB PROTECTION. The Ortho-Tec technology provides an unequalled variable and effective finger protection and by this reduces the risk of injury. The ergonomic construction of individually removable sticks totally adapts to the shape of the fingers though we found once on the hand getting movement in the fingers was quite difficult due to the bulky spines and heavy embossed backhand, if it’s ultimate protection to the fingers you want then Ortho Tec is the way forward.

Overall Reusch deliver a quality glove but there’s the issue of the Argos Deluxe G2 Ortho tec price tag, suggested retail price is £124.99 €153.00 ¢201.00 which is way out of many’s price range.

The Reusch Argos Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeping Gloves are one of the most impressive gloves to enter the Goalkeeper equipment market. Get the best protection possible with this professional Reusch keepers glove.

Ergonomic support system is also used on the glove the pre spreading of the fingers makes the ergonomic support system a natural catching position for the hand. The latex is slightly pulled up on the little finger so that it provides a larger catching area and a perfect fit.

G2 Ultrasoft absolutely outranks its forerunner in terms of grip in dry and wet weather conditions. Regarding the abrasion resistance it shows up noticeably stronger. G2 is the top latex foam for the highest demands of goalkeeping.

Ortho Tec thumb protection reduces the risk of injury to the thumb and joint.

New damping materials and up embossing provides the goalkeeper with more safety, advanced protection and better control when punching the ball.

Shockshiled Advanced technology, this is a new enhanced version of the successful and established Shockshield it has been newly developed.

Expanded Fingertips (EFT)Expanded Finger Tips support the hands natural position and provide the largest possible catching zone.

Duraguard Control has been added to these gloves, Duraguard Control is the enchanted version of the established Duaguard. The newly modified, elevated palm protection pad is locales on the most strained part of the palm. Made of special latex this extra layer protects the palm from abrasion and and by its special shape. functioning like a shovel, it supports the secure move of catching.


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  1. Reusch offers best gloves there is, but prise is just unreal, for us Reusch lovers :(
    Most of us must wait one or two seasons old gloves or go bankruptcy.
    Other way is buy cheaper SG version, but that´s not the same is it? :(

  2. That’s what I do mate – I just get last season’s gloves around this time of the year…
    without the orthotec stuff (non-fingersave).
    Can’t believe these normal ones without fingersave are 110…they were usually about 90?
    Anyway, you can find last seasons for about 55-60.

    I can’t see a massive difference…apart from extra rubber on the pinky, and the duraguard.
    None of these were areas of concern on the last ones so I think I’ll be ok!

  3. I’ve just bought these :D can’t wait to get them. Yes very pricey, but I recently got a bonus from work and I love my football so really excited about these :D

  4. I am so very excited about this excellent Reusch Argos Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec gloves. But I am not too sure of which this particular exact same model that came with 2 different color variants – one with red/pink palm and the other is with all white palm.

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